Developing Career-Supportive Relationships at Work

Diversity networking and affinity groups, sometimes called Employee Resource Groups can have a significant influence on one’s career development.   According to Liz Roling, A University of Georgia researcher and co-author of the research paper The Benefits of Women’s Networks Within Organizations, women in the survey who were involved in workplace networks characterized the time as well spent (70%).  Fifty-three percent said their involvement would help advance their careers.

Career Collaborators® believes that the power of diversity networking groups stems from building face-to-face (or technology-enabled) collaborative communities. Groups that can help one another “dare to dream” about career possibilities can offer diverse viewpoints and interesting perspectives.  Yet discussion and dialogue also benefit from suggested tasks and activities.  Having access to a structured program of activities often provides guidance so that the conversations can be meaningful to all who choose to participate.  Even informal networks with motivated, self-directed members find suggested activities and self-assessments very helpful.  Discussions within a career community on topics such as job satisfiers and dissatisfiers, motivators and tasks that excite you can lead to rich dialogue, new suggestions and possibly careers that had never occurred to you.

What are the types of questions you might ask your career community?