Tough Love From the CEO of MKTG, Inc to Gen Y Employees

CEO of a top-notch marketing services agency talks about authenticity in brands and in character traits that will truly make employees special.  Charlie Horsey says, ” Kids love authenticity in brands. They can tell what’s real, and what’s put on. They need to recognize their authentic best in themselves and admire it in others. To that end, we’ve started a rewards program, and every quarter, our people vote on who they think most deserves to be rewarded for their service. Eight people are then rewarded with trips, and experiences that matter to them. We believe this peer-to-peer acknowledgement puts the focus on truly deserving employees. Additionally, the experiences they are afforded as a result of our rewards program will enrich their lives and ultimately make them better employees.”

Gen Y employees in organizations would also value peer support for broader career conversations.  We think that creating Career Collaborators Circles can provide that additional support.  Learn more at