Have You Planned the Stops on Your Career Journey?

In his 2007 book, The New American Workplace, Professor Ed Lawler wrote:

“In the past, choosing a career was like buying a one-way train ticket from Rome to Copenhagen on a local train that made all the stops along the way….Today choosing a career is more like buying a lifelong Eurailpass, with no set final destination, no fixed travel agenda, and no timetable.”

While the freedom of an unplanned career journey might be exciting to some, to others, it represents an uncertain future and begs the question of where to begin.

We think that peer career communities are good places to have those conversations. Taking time to ask “what if” questions about your career and what it would take to make those stops as well as where your final career destination might be are the types of questions that generate high-involvement career conversations. What questions would you ask your career community?  For a conversation on how to build career communities, contact us at http://www.careercollaborators.com.