empowerED UCLA – A New Career Empowerment Program 

Lost your job and thinking you might want to become a college counselor?  Working in a non-profit and seeking a promotion to non-profit management?  Currently working as a corporate finance manager and dreaming about becoming a personal financial planner?  A new 12-month certification program created and delivered by the UCLA Extension Division could be your answer.  Advertised as a “Career Empowerment Program” delivered within an innovative, online learning environment, the certificate programs are taught by UCLA Extension Division instructors who provide “focused training on critical topics in your chosen field of study.”

Not only does UCLA provide the online learning, but it embeds “comprehensive career services” including support of a career counselor to help learners define and achive specific career goals.  Clearly, UCLA understands that many adults currently in the workforce or those who have been displaced, need guidance in career planning and management.  While adding a new certificate to your resume may or may not help with landing your dream job, upfront career planning, management of multiple steps along your career journey and especially supportive conversations with a career counselor may be worth the $6740 per certificate program (plus books and “related course material” not to exceed $900) to help you achieve career empowerment.  Plus, you get a new iPad.