Internal Talent Communities – The Power of Recruiting From Within

While most views of “talent communities” focus upon utilization of existing employees as ambassadors and liaison to their external networks and as recruitment “brand ambassadors” for the company culture, several employers, according to Dan Schawbel in his post (The Power Within:  Why Internal Recruiting & Hiring Are on the Rise), are utilizing internal recruiting to save on recruiting costs, speed time-to-hire and increase both retention and improve overall employee morale.

What if your organization were to proactively encourage the building of internal talent communities which were more than spokespeople used to connect to external talent?  What if you assisted employees with actively managing their long-term careers and linked these career communities with the findings from workforce planning exercises which forecast where the critical talent needs will be over the short and long term?  Internal talent communities that showcase opportunities for growth to current employees could increase the power of recruiting from within, exponentially.

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