The Career-Friendly Organization™ – Enterprise 5.0

January, 2013—a new year—a great time to ask how human capital professionals are meeting current and future workplace challenges.  A McKinsey&Company and Conference Board, “State of Human Capital 2012” report paints a challenging picture for our profession.   Specifically, this research demonstrates that, “Worldwide, and in organizations of every type, ‘people processes’ are failing to keep pace with a changing business landscape…but current circumstances also offer rich opportunities.”

Amongst the human capital challenges examined in this report are:  preparing for the workforce of tomorrow, security a steady, reliable pipeline for skilled workers, developing strategies to reenergize the workforce and ensuring organizational agility.  In this report’s future-focused recommendations, we can find some bold, innovative approaches to employee engagement, recruitment and talent management and, more specifically, innovative ideas for building a “career-friendly organization™ for Enterprise 5.0

Personalization, customization and innovation are hallmarks of what leading-edge organizations are using as foundations for programs and initiatives to ensure that they continue to have the best available workforce.  Progressive organizations are developing new ideas about “motivation systems” that incorporate insight from psychology, sociology and cultural anthropology to help organizations better understand what job satisfiers and dissatisfiers are for individual employees or key employee groups.  They are finding ways to link individual roles or tasks with higher-order purposes valued by employees and creating workplaces that feel more like communities.  They are linking incentives, career progression, organizational design, culture and leadership systems together rather than keeping each element separate where they may very well have conflicting goals and processes.

Imagine an organization that understands its short and long-term workforce needs, provides support for talent communities—both the existing internal talent pool and the external talent prospects—using peer career networks and career communities, and you have some idea of the future “career-friendly organization™.

Where is your organization, currently, on the path toward Enterprise 5.0—the career-friendly future?  What are your next steps?  Where will you begin?  Let’s start the conversation here.

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